What Kind of Position Do You Desire?

In all walks of life people are concerned with their position.  Many seek to get to the top of their chosen field and this is not wrong as long as they are honorable in their principles. All of us need to have aspirations in our life.

Christians are no different in this matter. Our position in Christ is one that can lead to a fruitful life  here and a home in Heaven.  But we must build upon our faith and want to grow as Christians. Jesus said that He came that we might an abundant life in Him.  But this does not come automatically, we must appropriate every blessing He has for us. If we desire to grow in our faith, the Lord has promised in His Word to equip us for service.

In Eph. 1:8 (in the NASV) we have the phrase “lavished on us…” He is up there in Heaven waiting to give us  everything he has for us.  The Word of God states that we have been given “everything that pertains to life and godliness…” (2 Peter 1:3).

He will not force anything on us. Just as we must choose to follow Him, and thus receive a position in Christ, we must choose to appropriate these gifts. But if we will, He will equip us for Christian service.

We have a great position in Christ! We should desire to live the Christian life to the fullest. It is a life that is dedicated to Jesus and a life of service. Let’s live in the glorious light of the Gospel and help others find that light.

Keep Looking Up! Jesus May Come Today!


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