Introduction to the Epistle of Jude

As Acts is called “The Acts of the Apostles,” Jude could be termed “The Acts of the Apostates.

The Author: Jude, the brother of James and half-brother of the Lord Jesus. He and his brothers did not believe in and accept Jesus as the Messiah until after His resurrection.

Aubrey Johnson, in his book, “Spiritual Patriots,” Jude’s Call To Arms, writes the following: “The book of Jude is God’s field manual for spiritual engagement and His call to arms. It reminds us that our adversary is real and determined. It tells us how to respond to the world’s hostility and aggression. There is no room for pacifism or appeasement when eternity is at stake! It is a life and death struggle for the souls of men and women. Christians must not lose their will to fight the good fight! May God bless you with courage of steel and a heart of peace as you prepare for the battle ahead.”

Chuck Swindoll writes: “The theme of this letter is found in the admonition to ‘contend earnestly for the faith.’ The Greek word for ‘contend’ is epagonizesthai. It means to ‘fight’ or ‘to struggle intensely We get our English word ‘agonize’ from it.”

In Verse 1 He refers to himself as:

ESV: “A Servant of Jesus Christ.” The notes in the ESV Study Bible: “Although he is the brother (half) of Jesus, Jude identifies himself as His servant (Gk. Doulos), acknowledging Jesus as Lord.” James uses the same wording in his epistle.

NKJV: “ bond-servant.”



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