How Do We Know Jesus is Coming Again? (Intro)

As is the  case in  dealing with Biblical matters, we want to have authority for what we believe and teach we must look for a “thus says the Lord.” We must not rely on tradition, opinions, church history and the like as a basis for believing in and eating the Word of God.

We read in Psalm 119:89 “Your eternal Word stands firm in Heaven.” (NLT) It must be our aim to be like the “Bereans” in Acts 17 who were commended because “they searched the Scriptures…” So, what is the authority we have in God’s Word that Jesus is coming again?

Should Christians be looking for the return of the Lord Jesus? Can we know when He will return for His Church? The answer to the first question is a resounding yes. On the second question posed, the Bible says we cannot know the time He will return.

There have always been those in the history of the Church who have tried to pinpoint the time of the Lord’s return. Those who have done so have brought reproach and ridicule upon the Lord’s Church by their actions.

In light of the fact that we cannot know the timing , what should be our attitude be in regards to the fact He is coming again as He promised? The Bible is full of many promises of the return of Jesus for His own.

We have the testimony of Jesus Himself, the testimony of the holy angels, and the testimony of the writers of the Epistles to validate this promise; He is coming again! Just one verse and one instance of testimony should and would be enough for a faithful Christian, but the fact that there are numerous accounts in the New Testament of this hope, reality, and promise should reinforce our faith in the Word of God.


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