Cain, Baalam and Korah (Jude 11)

Verse 11 Jude also compared the heretics to:

  • Cain (Gen 4:4-5,8-9),
  • Balaam (Num 31:16), and
  •  Korah (Num 16:1-35).

These men deceived others and were known for their hatred, greed, and rebellion.

Let’s discuss each of these 3 men and make application.

The Way of Cain: Aubrey Johnson says the sin of Cain was “Self-will, sullenness, selfishness and self-deceit.” Cain was the first born of Adam and Eve. We are not told how old he and Abel were when the events in Genesis 4 take place. They both offered a sacrifice to God. God accepted Abel’s and rejected Cain’s.

  • Hebrews 11:4 gives up some insight into why the one sacrifice was accepted and one rejected.
  • I John 3:12 gives us some insights also.

The Error of Balaam for Profit. Aubrey Johnson calls Balaam’s sin “The Curse of Covetousness.” He writes, “Although he wanted to please God, he wanted the wealth of this world even more. When these desires came in conflict, the prophet’s actions revealed what mattered most in his life. Jude saw the error of Balaam repeating itself in the church (Jude 11). Religious leaders who gave the appearance of being righteous were actually preoccupied with earthly concerns. Greed caused them to put the flesh before the Spirit.”

The Error of Balaam: This story is in the Book of Numbers. Balaam’s error was his compelling and consuming desire to gain some part of the world—even at the loss of his soul (see Mark 8:36).

  • 2 Peter 2:15-17 give us some more insight.

The Rebellion of Korah. (A Sin of Ungratefulness) This event is in Numbers 16. If you have seen the movie “The ten Commandments,” this event and scene is portrayed in vivid reality.

All three of these examples exemplify the evil that is in man and how Satan uses that to his advantage to deceive and to further his agenda. Jesus said that he (Satan) was a liar from the beginning.


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