Why Do You Believe?

My fellow believer: Why do you believe the things you do in regards to the doctrines of the Bible? Do you believe and practice your convictions because you heard the preacher preach or a teacher teach? We are thankful, of course, for faithful proclaimers of God’s Word and faithful teachers but do we only believe becuase of this.

Each Christian must have a personal faith as well as a personal knowlewdge of God’s Word. We must be like the Bereans we read about in Acts 17:11 who were comended because they “searched the Scriptures daily…” Some one wrote: “No truth of Scripture is truly yours until you find it for yourself in the Word of God.”

There are many false voices out there in the “religious world.” We must know what we believe and why. The reason is so that we will not be led astray from the Truth. I want to encourage you to read and study God’s Word more. Let’s grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus together.


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