Thoughts From Ephesians-Thought # 42 Exalt God, Not Idols-Eph 5:3-6 (Intro)

We “walk in Love” by avoiding ungodly behavior. We must restrain ourselves from ungodly behavior because of our love for the Lord Jesus. Klyne Snodgrass wrote, “If one is joined  to Christ and shares in him, one cannot share in the lives of those practicing sexual sin and greed” (cf. 2 Cor. 6:14)

In this passage Paul cites several sins that constitute  a dark life. He says that if we claim to belong to the Lord Jesus these sins should “not even be heard of among you” (Eph. 5:3) and that they are “not suitable”  fora believer (Eph. 5:4)

Paul  mentions the following  sins in this discourse:

  • Sexual Immorality and impunity (Eph. 5:3 a)
  • Greed (Eph. 5:3 b)
  • Corrupt speech (Eph. 5:4)

He gives a warning to those  who would engage in these  sins in Eph. 5:5-6.

-Larry Miles, Lipscomb University, June 27, 2019)


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