Thought # 49 — Expose the darkness—Eph. 5:11-14

Besides not partaking n the works of darkness, we must do all we can to expose darkness. We are to let our light shine for the Lord (Matt. 5:16).  Paul gives us 2 effects of shing the light of and for Jesus.

  • Light exposes the sin of unbelievers. Walking in the light means that we must live a holy life and confronting darkness. Believers must exercise wisdom and discernment in knowing how to confront and expose the works of darkness. Light illuminates’ darkness and we must ever project the light of the Gospel in all of our actions as Christians.   We must always live lives that are honorable and above board, thus staying away from participating in shameful deeds.
  • Light transforms unbelievers into the realm of light. When Christians who were once in darkness are now light and shine forth for the Lord Jesus, we can help others find the light of the Gospel. Paul told the Colossians in Col. 1:12-14 that we were once in a kingdom controlled by Satan, but are no in the kingdom of the Son of His love.  Let’s live lives that bring glory at all time to our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus and let the Holy Spirit guide us.

-February 27, 2020, Louisville, KY


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