The Early Church Preached The Right Message

LarryMiles1In  Acts 4:2 we read the  following, “Being greatly disturbed because they  were teaching the people, and proclaiming in Jesus the  resurrection from the dead…”  As the Apostles were teaching, opposition arose from the Sadducees. The Sadducees did  not believe in the resurrection from  the  dead. There are many today who deny the  bodily  resurrection of Jesus Christ. Today, like in the  apostolic age, it takes boldness to proclaim the resurrection. But  we must proclaim it from our pulpits and in our conversations.  The  early  church stressed  the importance of proclaiming  the resurrection of the  Lord of Glory.

The  resurrection is the driving force behind the gospel. It should be the basis for our  message. Jesus proved Himself to  be  the Christ  through the resurrection. It makes the  church and her mission strong. We  should  declare it as the  bedrock of the Christian faith. If  Christ was not  raised then there is no hope for us. If He  did not  rise from the dead He is not  our  Savior and we are  destined for a  devil’s hell.

The  resurrection demonstrated that the power of Jesus was stronger than that of Satan. The resurrection is the  most essential element  of the Christian faith. We must be found proclaiming it to the world, and to the  assembly. This is why  we can die with the hope of the  resurrection from the dead.


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