Our Spiritual Resources (George A. Klingman)

By George A. Klingman

How  great is  our heritage! We have  entered  upon large possessions! Will we  be true and faithful stewards in our  Master’s house? We can do all things “through Christ who strengthens  us”“Our sufficiency is of our God.” Our  responsibilities  are great but  we are of good courage for God Himself has said, “I will never  leave thee, nor forsake the.” We have:

  • God Most High, possessor of heaven and earth, as  our  own Father;
  • Jesus Christ His  Son as  our own Lord and  Savior and elder brother;
  • The Holy  Spirit as our Helper, our  Comforter, and  our  Guest.
  • God’s Holy Word “as a lamp unto our feet, and light  unto our pathway”;
  • The greatest message that  ever graced the lips of man—a living message to a dying world—the  good news of the kingdom—the gospel of our salvation.
  • The church of the living God—with her  ever-increasing fellowship, spiritual worship, mutual  edification, loving service and  sympathetic ministry to the  needs of others, all in  hallowed  association with the sacred  feast of the “Lord’s Supper” which we celebrate “In remembrance  of  Him! “Proclaiming His Death,” “Till He Come.” What a “blessed hope”! How fortunate we are to begin each  week in such  close communion with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
  • And we have  prayer. ‘What a privilege  to carry  everything to God in prayer”! Let us take as our  Golden Text the words  found in Phil. 4:6-17 and, by the grace of God, make it our own rich experience.

— This is  from a  circular letter of  G. A. Klingman, minister, to the  membership, Washington, D.C.   This   was published in the April 1929 Word and Work. (Vol. XXII, No. 4)

  •  Bro. Klingman was the  preacher at Portland Avenue Church of Christ (1894-1902)

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