Five Reasons For Church Growth (Introduction)

LarryMiles1In Matthew 16:18 Jesus promised  to establish His Church. This  glorious event  took place on the Day of Pentecost. Acts tells us that God of Heaven launched His  Church  that  day.  In the first few chapters of Acts we are  told that early  church  centered their ministries in the  city of Jerusalem. They had  nit  ventured out  out as  Jesus had  commanded. The  narrative  centers our attention on the work of Peter and John. In the  3rd Chapter they  had healed the  lame man at the Beautiful Gate of the Temple.

We  would like to  spend some  time on each  of the five  reasons for  Church  Growth. They are as  follows:

  1. The Early Church Preached the Right Message.
  2. The Early  Church Preached the Right Name.
  3. The Early Church had Boldness In Defense of the Truth.
  4. The  Early  Church Was a  Praying Church.
  5. The Early Church Was One In Christ.

If we are willing to see how the early Church existed among the  Jewish, Roman, and Greek cultures, and implement their techniques, we, too, can  experience church  growth. It  will help us work for the unity of all believers in Christ.


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