Walking in the Truth

The Christian life  is portrayed in the New  Testament in a  variety of ways. The writers of the  New Testament use  word pictures to help us understand. They  use  things that we are familiar with. They take common, everyday   actions  and give them  spiritual application.

One way the  life of a Christian is portrayed in the New Testament is that of a  “walk.”  That is  something that all of  are  able to do unless hindered by health reasons. Ephesians 5:2 reads as  follows: “And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.” (ESV) We also read in verse 8, “for at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light.” We have been called out of a “kingdom of  darkness,” into the “kingdom of the Son of His love.” (Colossians 1:12-14) The Lord expects  us to live for  Him.  The ‘walk” of the  believer should be a one of  progress.

We know that the  way  we  walk physically and the  pace of our  walk  is  different with each person.  This can  be    illustrated in  the  “marathon concept.” Here in Louisville, KY we have what is called  the “Mini-Marathon.” Many  are entered, and  while only  one person wins the  race, all who  finish receive  some recognition.  Some are fast runners, slow runners, fast and slow walkers. Some are on  crutches, some in wheel chairs,   but their goal is  to  finish the race.

So it is with the believer. We are “in Christ”, we are  admonished to “grow in the grace and knowledge of  the Lord Jesus” (2 Peter 3:18).  Jesus  has a  right to  expect  continual growth in His children. But He  realizes that as  we  all grow at  different  stages in the  physical realm, so it is also in the spiritual realm.  “walking” denotes   progress.  If we desire to  “learn of Him,” and grow as  Christians he will equip us for the   journey. We  must have  our  eyes  upon Jesus at  all time (Hebrews 12:1-2). He   gives  us  His Word  to study, meditate  upon and   apply to our lives.

We must be  found “walking  in the Truth.” This  phrase is  used  numerous  times in the New Testament.  Jesus is the  great example of One  walking in Truth.  In John’s 2  short  epistles, 2nd &  3rd John both  recipients, “the elect lady” in  2nd John 4and Gaius in 3rd John 4 are  commended   for  walking “in the  truth.” John also is thankful that  others are walking in the truth also.

We want to  be  pleasing to our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus in every possible way.  Since  we have   been called out of  darkness into the  marvelous light of the Gospel, we have  an obligation, yea, privilege to help others find their way to Christ also. “Walking in Truth” will help us cultivate  the type of life  we  need to continue to  grow in the Lord.

We must  be  found  following the teachings  found in the New Testament that  show us  how  to live  for Him who died for us!



  1. Funny how we take walking for granted. At 40, I find it a pretty easy thing to do, though in the morning I am noticing pops and other sounds I do not remember 20 years ago. Why is walking so easy though? Because, I do it each and every day. I have been doing it for 39 years.

    An infant, they struggle walking. Why? They have never done it before. They have not practiced it. They aren’t sure how. Should the expect to get it right the first time if they have never tried? Of course not! But one might say they have seen others walking, isn’t that enough? No. There are unseen challenges… balance, unique surfaces, other moving objects, and even a lack of strength.

    This parallels the Christian walk perfectly. You can’t do it if you don’t try. You will struggle at the beginning. There will be challenges you do not expect. You will be weak, because your knowledge and will power have not been developed. Yet, as your continue to try, you will get stronger. Your walk will take you far.

    The question is, will a strong walker never stumble or fall? The answer is yes, they can stumble and fall. What then? You do the same thing you did when you were learning to walk. You get back up and keep on going.

    May the surface we walk on be the smooth path of the New Testament and not the pit filled road of the World.

  2. Great thoughts, especially coupling the walking with the growth. One things that is hard to get across to some is that brethren are at different places in their walk. Some expect everyone to be at their level. It’s never like that. Thanks, it was a profitable read.

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