The Example of the Thessalonian Church

The Apostle Paul visited the city of  Thessalonica on his  2nd  missionary  journey.  He was there  preaching about 3  weeks.  The  theme of the Epistle is a least fourfold:

  1. To confirm the young converts in Thessalonica in the foundational truths

  2. To exhort them to a life of personal holiness pleasing to the Lord.

  3. To comfort them concerning those who had died; and

  4. To instruct them concerning their own hope of the Lord’s return.

Paul commended the believers there because, according to I Thes. 2:13, they accepted the message.  because it came  from God, not men.  There are many  things we can take from this congregation. 

The word “example” can  have both  a positive and a  negative aspect. We see the “positive” aspect  in this  account. The believers not  only accepted the  teaching that  Paul gave and became a  congregation of  faithful ones, but  they did not  keep the   “Good news” to themselves.  

They embodied  the  Lord’s teaching in the Great Commission to “go into all the  world and preach the gospel…”  They had been  called out  of the darkness of the  kingdom of Satan and were now in the kingdom of the Lord Jesus, the  Church of Christ.

Their  faith was  known not only in their own  city, but  it  spread  to other parts of the  country. Paul tells  about that in I Thes. 1:8-10.  

Verses 9-10, especially show the transformation that the Gospel can  accomplish in the   hearts and  minds of  those willing to learn more about  Jesus and be  used  to  bring  Him  glory.  They believed in  letting their  light shine for their Lord.  They had  left the life of  serving  idols and  had  replaced that with “the living and  true God.” (I Thes. 1:9)

Paul tells us in I Thes. 1:10 that they were “waiting for  His  Son from Heaven…”  The  belief  that the Lord Jesus is coming again motivated this congregation, and  should  motivate  us to greater service for our Lord.   We must be  found not only looking for and waiting for the  Lord’s return, we must be actively working  for Him.



  1. thanks, Rick– hope to work on some more articles very soon. Give my love in the Lord to Mike and Pat Dye– we really enjoy seeing them when they visit her parents in Louisville and worship with us in New Albany, IN at Cherry Street Church of Christ

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