Seeking the Lost

In the Great Commission, (Matthew 18:18-20; Mark 16:15-16) Jesus gave the command that His people were to be an evangelistic church. We have been given the privilege of “taking the Name of Jesus with us.” Wherever we go. We can have a part in reaching the lost for the Lord Jesus.

We are to preach the Gospel! The Gospel consists of (1) Facts to believe, (2) Commands to obey , and (3) Promises to enjoy.

The Facts: Jesus died on the Cross for the sins of mankind, He was buried and rose again on “third day according to the Sciptures.

The Commands to Obey: Believe on Jesus, repent of your sins, confess Him before men, and be buried with Him in baptism.

The Promises to Enjoy: having your sins forgiven and receiving the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

Everywhere w e go we are to be ambassadors for the Lord of Glory! We must uplift Him as the ONLY hope of this sin-cursed world. Have we been doing this?


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