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A Plea For Holiness (3 John 11-15)

Verse 11 — Follow means to imitate. From this Greek word comes our English word “mimic.” We must be careful who we imitate. Even in Christian circles there are bad examples like Diotrophes. Demetrius was worthy of imitation, but not Diotrophes. This was probably encouragement from John not to give in to Diotrophes or to […]


A Pat On The Back For Hospitality (3 John 5-8)

Verse 5: Hospitality was very much needed in the first century. Consider some reasons: Inn-keepers were notoriously hard to deal with. Josephus records that there were no fixed payments at check-in and disputes almost always ensued at check-out. According to the Mishna the word of an innkeeper could be doubted. Roman laws even acknowledged their […]