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The Apostate’s Doom (Jude 12-19)

Introduction: John MacArthur refers the reader to 2 Peter 2:12-17 when referring to the description and aim of false teachers. Peter uses some of the same words and phrases as does Jude. Verses 12-13: Chuck Swindoll writes concerning verses 12-13: “View together, these vivid pictures bring to life the character sketch of these false teachers. […]


Cain, Baalam and Korah (Jude 11)

Verse 11 Jude also compared the heretics to: Cain (Gen 4:4-5,8-9), Balaam (Num 31:16), and  Korah (Num 16:1-35). These men deceived others and were known for their hatred, greed, and rebellion. Let’s discuss each of these 3 men and make application. The Way of Cain: Aubrey Johnson says the sin of Cain was “Self-will, sullenness, selfishness and self-deceit.” Cain […]