Thoughts From Ephesians – Number 5

We Have Received The Guarantee of Our Inheritance (Eph. 1:13-14)

In  Eph. 1:13-14 we learn  about the blessings we receive   from the Holy Spirit. Christians  receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit when they are  immersed into Christ (Acts 2:38).  Paul says that   unless we  have the Holy Spirit we  are not a  Christian. The Holy  Spirit worked in the lives of the Ephesian Christians as well as in our lives  today.

Salvation has  at  least  3 phases. For  of all, we have  been saved; secondly, we are   being saved, and thirdly we will be  saved.  All  of these   phases  are  a  reality, we  don’t have to  hope we  will be  saved. Rather, we  can  know now that we are saved.  Of course that does  not  preclude us from falling away from the  truth.

The  presence of the  Holy  Spirit in our lives acts as guarantee or a  pledge by  our Heavenly Father that he will keep His promises.  Because of  this we are  to be a people of praise. We  must join Paul in praising Him for His mighty salvation.

This passage  shows  us that  all three persons of the  Godhead  are  involved  in our  salvation. God the Father has  chosen us, God the Son has  redeemed  us, and God the  Spirit has  assured us.We were  made for  praise and that will lead us  to  serving  Him.  We  need to  walk daily in the  Lord Jesus.

-Larry Miles

February 23, 2015



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