The Rewards of the Christian

Text: Rev. 22:12

According to Eph. 2:8-10, salvation is a gift of God. One is  saved  if  he or she obeys the  Gosple. We cannot workour way to Heaven, but  after we are saved we should be  wiliing to work for the  Lord of Glory.  Rewards are  to be  given out  at Judgment Seat of Christ based on how we “worked” for the Lord while living on the  Earth,

A most revealing  scripture on rewards is found in I Cor. 3:8-15. First  of all, every  believer will be  rewarded according to his own labor. We are  laborers together with God,” not  for salvation but for rewards. The  believer is  to build upon the Lord Jesus Christ, the only True foundation.

The  believer  has a  choice of  2  kinds of building material: (1) Gold, silver, precious stones. This signifies  building with eternal materials; (2) Wood, hay and  stubble. This signifies building with earthly materials.

The  believer who builds  his or her life on Christ with eternal materials shallreceive a reward. Those who build with temporal materials materials will see their works burn up at the Judgement Seat of Christ. The believer will not  suffer the loss of salvation, but the loss of rewards.  in the  scriptures rewards are called  “crown.”   

Live your life for  the Lord, letting everyone see your  good works that you are doing  to glorify  your  Heavenly Father!


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