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Are you falling short?

In The “Meantime”

Jesus is returning!  How should we be living in anticipation of His return?  Four words seem to characterize  our earthly  sojourn.  (1) Occupy: Use your talents for His glory.  (2) Purify:  Say “No” to the world’s attractions.   (3) Watch:  This watching for the Lord’s return will include waiting and working.  (4) Worship: Gathering around the Lord’s […]


In For the Duration

The Apostle Paul wrote, “I have  fought the  good fight.” He had, with the Holy Spirit’s  help, fought against Satan and had  come  out the victor. “I have finished the course.” He  did not  detour the  hard places, but  kept his  eyes  on the  Savior.  “I have kept the faith.” He  always  preached and taught “the  […]