Jude 24-25 (Doxology)

Verses 24-25: Jude now returns to the theme of salvation that he wanted to write about in the first place. He speaks of an omnipotent (all powerful) God. If we stay true to Jesus and His teaching and keep our eyes on Him, we will never fall and can look forward to an eternity with Him! He wants to present you to the Father.

Verse 25: The final “doxology.” Our heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus are forever worthy of praise! We remember the words to the hymn ‘Worthy of Praise.”

In Aubrey Johnson’s book, “Spiritual Patriots, Jude’s call To Arms,” he lists Thirteen Steps To Spiritual Victory. I think this is fitting way to end these studies.

To Know Victory, I Must…

  1. Be willing to take a stand.
  2. Adapt my plans to fulfill greater needs
  3. Never use grace as an excuse for disobedience.
  4. Learn from history.
  5. Fill my heart with holy aspirations.
  6. Choose my path carefully.
  7. Make pleasing God my highest aim.
  8. Be content without being complacent.
  9. Never underestimate my enemy.
  10. Prepare daily for Jesus’ return.
  11. Not be easily disheartened.
  12. 12. Accept personal responsibility for my spiritual growth.
  13. 13. Trust God to sustain me through trying times.



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