Are These Your Great Ideas?

I Have Great Ideas”

There are times when we have a different definition for terms than what is the norm. Sometimes, our ideas are totally at odds with conventional wisdom. It is tragic when that comes in the religious realm. Here are some of man’s ideas, not God’s on some topics.

  • My idea of visitation: Everyone visiting me.
  • My idea of sympathy: Everyone suffering with me.
  • My idea of a sinner: Anyone I don’t like.
  • My idea of a meek person: The one who yields to me.
  • My idea of a contentious person: Anyone who does not agree with me completely.
  • My idea of a wise man: The one who always agrees with me.
  • My idea of unity: Doing it my way.
  • My idea of cooperation: Everyone accepting my plans and working under me.
  • My idea of a good sermon: One that fits everyone else.

 -Via Bulletin Digest 

It is my hope and prayer that none of the above fit any Christians I Know.


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