Ambassadors For Christ

In the Great Commission, (Matthew 18:18-20; Mark 16:15-16) Jesus gave the command that His people were to be an evangelistic church. We have been given the privilege of “taking the Name of Jesus with us.” Wherever we go. We can have a part in reaching the lost for the Lord Jesus.

We are to preach the Gospel! The Gospel consists of

  1.  Facts to believe,
  2. Commands to obey , and
  3.  Promises to enjoy.
  • The Facts: Jesus died on the Cross for the sins of mankind, He was buried and rose again on “third day according ot the Sciptures.“
  • The Commands to Obey: Believe on Jesus, repent of your sins, confess Him before men, and be buried with Him in baptism.
  • The Promises to Enjoy: having your sins forgiven and receiving the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

Everywhere w e go we are to be ambassadors for the Lord of Glory! We must uplift Him as the ONLY hope of this sin-cursed world. Have we been doing this?


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