Are You Building on the Right Foundation?

Having the right foundation spiritually can make the difference on where one spends eternity. The only foundation that will make it. past this life is one that is based and founded upon the Word of God. It is one that puts it’s trust in the One whom the Apostle John called the “Word.” It is a life built on a trust in the saving work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We build our lives on all kinds of foundations. Jesus spoke of those who build their lives on the sand, which has no permanent foundation. He contrasted that with the ones who built their lives on a solid foundation. The one who built on the sand had all kinds of problems; the one on the solid foundation had the blessings of God.

We need to base our faith on the foundation of the Lord Jesus and His blessed Word. Romans 10:7Open in Logos Bible Software (if available) reads, “and so faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.”.
We must be found standing on a faithful Word. We must have the assurance that the Bible we read, study and live by is really God’s Word.


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