Wise Words

Guest article– This was written as a blog  article  by Kevin Parr for  the  Cherry Street Church of Christ web site.  Kevin i one of our  Deacons and also serves as our Youth Minister

Wise Words


I’ve always wondered how Jesus knew the perfect thing to say.  Maybe it’s because he was so in tune with his Father.  Or maybe it’s because he wasn’t concerned what his peers thought about him, but without fail, he seemed to say the most amazing and wise things.  There were times when he was silent.  Times when religious leaders tried to trap him and ended up caught in their own snare.  He sent away the woman caught in adultery, telling her to go and sin no more, and almost daring anyone else to cast a stone at her.  He even offered the woman at the well living water.  Who says things like that, ‘living water’, what an awesome thought?  He spoke in parables that craftily made their point to those who would hear it.  But he was also capable of such phrases as ‘get behind me Satan’ and you ‘brood of vipers’, and how about turning over the tables of the money changers calling them a ‘den of robbers’?


Sometimes I feel like I say the opposite of the right thing.  Or looking back on a conversation in hindsight, I see how I could have applied the teachings of Jesus in a much more eloquent or effective way.  Thankfully, Jesus is forgiving!  But I also need to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit much more.  What if I were in tune with the Father the way Jesus was?  Romans 8 tells us the Spirit helps us in our weakness.  When we don’t know what to pray, the Spirit intercedes for us.  Luke 12 recalls Jesus telling the disciples that when they stand before the rulers and authorities, not to worry about what they will say because “the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what you should say”.  The Spirit seems to play a key role in our ability to speak to both God and man.  I pray this week the Spirit would make our words sweet and fruitful.




– Kevin



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