Thoughts From Ephesians-Thought # 44 Exalt God, Not Idols -Eph. 5:3b “Greed”

Denny Petrillo write the  following  about the  word, “greed.”  The first century was  unquestionably materialistic. The desire for more ‘things’ (be ir houses, clothes, slaves or riches) saturated the society.   Paul ends this section of  scripture concluding that  the absence of   this is what  is proper among saints.  Christians are  to be imitators of God, not  being like the  hedonistic  people and their practices.

The teaching of of Jesus  is that  we should delight in God rather than earthly things and attitudes and practices.  We should “store  up treasure in heaven (Luke 12:32-34.)  Paul  wrote in I Tim. 6:6, “But godliness with contentment is great gain.”  Christians must find satisfaction in the  things of God.  We must  use what God has blessed us with (including our money)  for the  right  purposes rather than worshiping money, we must worship  God with all our  heart, mind, and soul.


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