Thoughts from Ephesians – # 19 The Mystery of the Ages (Eph. 3:9-10)

The Church of Christ has been in the mind and plan of God before the foundation of the world.  Here in Eph. 3:9, Paul calls it a  mystery. The word “mystery” does not mean in  Scripture what  it means in today.  Today it means something that we try to figure out what it is or what is happening.

Paul says that it was his privilege  to “bring to light” this mystery. In the fullness of time God had sent forth His Son to redeem mankind. He came to  this sin cursed word to  accomplish that.  After He arose from the dead and went back to Heaven in the  Ascension, the Church of Christ was established on the first Pentecost after Jesus’ resurrection.

The mystery here is that both Jews and Gentiles alike can and do share in the Church. This verse reminds us of the fact that the Son of God was involved in creation.

In eph. 3:10 we’re told that God has the wisdom to devise the great salvation plan through Christ. God could have chosen any medium to accomplish this but He chose  to reveal it through the Church. The Church is God’s instrument  to reveal this plan where both Jew and Gentile can obtain salvation.


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