The Early Church Was One In Christ

LarryMiles1Acts 4:32 tells us that the early church was one. The  primitive  saints  did not  make matters a  test of fellowship that  God did not make a condition of salvation. The  Church of the Living God was  ready to work  together in her mission to  reach the lost with the saving grace of Jesus and to help strengthen  the saved.

If we could work together realizing that  we   may  differ on non-essential things, we would see greater  cooperation in evangelism. Let’s put  aside our  differences that fall into the realm of opinion and let us  unite in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is not to say we have to sacrifice any teaching we hold. We must, in the areas  of  non-essentials, give out differing brethren the same  liberty we  would want them to give us.

If we are  willing to learn from the experiences of the early church, we can have  church growth. The early Christian went  everywhere  preaching the Word. (Acts 8:4)

If we put into practice the  methods used by the early  church, we, today can have  church  growth. We can work for the  unity of all believers in Christ. Remember  it is the Savior’s prayer that we all be one. Let our circle of  fellowship be as   large as  His.


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