The Early Church Was a Praying Church

LarryMiles1After  Peter and  John had been released  by the  Sanhedrin, they went back to the  rest of the Apostles and  other fellow Christians to give a  report on what  had  transpired. Acts 4:24-31 record that the early Church was a praying  church.

In Acts 4:29 we read, And now Lord, take note of their  threats, and  grant Thy  bond-servants may speak Thy Word with all confidence.” The early  church not only believed in the  power of prayer, they believed in  answered prayer.

We must not only preach and teach about prayer but  we must  pray. Many of  the  great figures of the Old and New Testament were  men and  women of prayer.  If we  pray, believing that God hears and expecting that He answers in a way that will bring glory to His Name, we can have a victorious prayer life.

Remember, it is our  Creator that we are talking to. If we can recapture the prayer life of the  early  church we can better  stimulate church growth.


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