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Soldiers of Christ, Arise!

One of the many “pictures” of the Church in the New Testament is that of a “soldier.” The writers of the New Testament, especially the Apostle Paul, used that terminology. Paul and his readers were very familiar with the military concept in their lives. There were various degrees of military occupation in the provinces of […]


Benefits of Being A Christian

Benefits are something that that the Lord has for us now! Spiritual benefits are the most precious. Being a Christian brings benefits, not only for eternity, but in the here and now. Christianity is a here and now religion. We don’t have to wait till eternity to enjoy what the Lord has in store for […]


Lift Your Eyes Up For Hope

Jesus IS Coming Again! This is not  just a“hope” as the world  defines  hope. It is not just “wishful thinking.” It is not a  far-fetched  fantasy for faithful believers.  We don’t know when the Lord Jesus is coming back for His Church,  but  we  do know for a fact that He is coming again!”  I […]