New Testament Postcards

Last year, I wrote my own Bible School lessons for the Winter Quarter at Cherry St Church of Christ in New Albany. The lessons were from the “One” chapter books of the New Testament. I want to give credit to Wade Webster of the Southaven (MS) church of Christ. Many of the thoughts were taken from a series of lessons he gave at the 2010 Polishing the Pulpit Conference. I talked with Bro. Webster at PTP this year and told him about the lessons and the book; he said I was free to use any and all materials for the glory of God. I have added my own thoughts and study notes as well as added some comments from others in the manuscript.

If you would like a “hard” copy of the book, I still have about 20 copies @ $3.75 + postage. I am also seeing about putting it into E-Book format.

The next post here will be the Introduction to the Series. Please let me know your comments and suggestions.


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