An Approved Servant of The Lord – Part 3

Putting Into Practice Our  Attitude Toward God’s Word

The  Christian who has the  right  attitude about the Word of  God, that is, that  it is from  God and  is authoritative will  want  to apply the teachings in our  daily  lives.

One  who wants  to  be  “An Approved Servant of God” will put  into  practice the teaching of Paul in 2 Timothy 2:15, “Be  diligent to  present yourself approved  to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”  Whenever we hire  someone  to  do some repair on our  homes, we expect that he or  she   is very  qualified and will do the  work  right, that they are  very  diligent about  it.  How  much more should we  be  diligent  in our  approach to God’s Word. We must make the  effort read it, study it, meditate upon  it, and tell others  about it.

An  example  of  this  attitude is found in the Old Testament character of Joshua. He was the  successor  to Moses and led the  people in the  conquest of  Canaan.   In Joshua 1:6-9 we have  God  speaking to Joshua as  he was  commissioning  him in his  new role.  God said to  him that  he  must  be  strong and of good courage.  He  is told to meditate on  the  Word and observe it and make it  a part of his daily routine.

Another  way that we  put into practice our  attitude toward God’s Word  is to use  it to help others  grow in the grace and  knowledge of Jesus.  Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 2:2, “And the things  you have  heard from me among many witnesses, commit  these to faithful men who will be  able to reach others also.”  It is  because  of this  principle that  you and I are  Christians.  Ever since the  first  century men and  women have  been teaching  God’s Word and sharing it with others.  We must not let that admonition go by the wayside.  We must be willing  and eager to teach others  the  Word of God.

We, further, show our faithfulness to God’s Word by being  consistent and staying true  to it.  We  must know why  we  believe the  Bible.  Paul writes to those  who will preach the Word of God in 2 Timothy 4:1-5, instructing them.  Although this is  primarily for   those  who preach, the   principles therein can  apply  to all believers.  We  must never  waver in our teaching. We must always   preach and teach the Word of God faithfully wherever we are. We must  not let circumstances dictate our faith and practice.  We must  teach the  Word of  God with  patience. We must teach it in love.

These are  only  a few of the  ways that “An Approved Servant of The Lord” can show their fidelity to God’s Word.



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