An Approved Servant of the Lord -One who Walks Worthy of the Lord (Larry Miles)

LarryMiles1            Is  anyone ever  “worthy” of the Lord? On a  human standpoint, no one has  been or ever  will be worthy.  We do  not  deserve salvation.  We always  fall short of the   glory of God.  All of  us are  sinners. The   Christian  is one  who is a  sinner saved  by grace.  Outside of  the   redemptive  work of the Lord Jesus Christ, we   are  doomed  to a  “devil’s  hell.” But, praise the  Lord that  God  so loved  us that he  had a  plan that  would  redeem fallen  mankind.

What  does   Paul mean in Colossians  1:10 where   he writes: “that  you may walk worthy of the  Lord…?”   Perhaps a   better way  saying it is that we are  to walk in an worthy  manner. We  are admonished in God’s Word  to look to  Jesus as  our  example in all things.  The  realization that we are  “in Christ,” and therefore redeemed  by the blood of the Lamb should  not  make us  haughty and  proud.  We  should never think we are  better than  any one.

In  Col. 1:10 and  in Ephesians  4:1 we get   some  explanation on  what  it means  to walk  worthy of the  Lord.  The Colossian passage   says that the  goal of  walking   worthy of the  Lord is that we are  to live  lives that are  pleasing to Him. The result of that kind of a life is one that is a fruitful and  abounding  life of   loving service.

In Eph. 4:1 we read: “I, therefore the prisoner of the  Lord, beseech you to walk worthy of the calling with which  you were called.”  If we  just had  verse  1 we would not know  how to  “walk worthy.”  But  we have Eph. 4:2-3  to  give  some insight on  what  it means  for  “An  Approved Servant of the Lord”  to walk in  a worthy manner for the   Lord Jesus.

We are  to be a people  who are  not  haughty; a people who do  not think  we are  better than others. We  must be  those  who are  humble and gentle in our  dealings  with others. Most of all, we are to  bear  with  others in love.  We must  also strive  to “keep the  unity of the  Spirit in the bond of  peace.”

Remember,  we  called  our a  domain of darkness into the  marvelous light of the  Gospel. We must practice  what we  preach. We must live out our  life’s  daily as  we seek to be draw near to the Lord Jesus.

-Larry Miles, Louisville, KY November 29, 2013


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