An Approved Servant of the Lord – One Who Seeks the Will of God

LarryMiles1The Christian who seeks to be  “An  Approved Servant of the Lord Jesus”  must  be one whose  aim it is to always  be in the  will of  God.  In  Colossians 1:9, Paul  tells the  Christians there  that  he  is praying for them to “… be  filled with the  knowledge of  His  will in all wisdom and  spiritual understanding.”

What  does it mean to seek the  will of God?  All Christians should  pray this  prayer.   God wants  all  of us  to seek  His  will and live  lives that reflect that  will.   First  of all, he  wants  us  to present ourselves  to Him completely.  Romans 12:1 reads as  follows: “I  beseech you therefore, brethren, by the  mercies of God, to  present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy and  acceptable to God, which is your  reasonable service.”

It is  because of  what the Lord has  done for us that we should want to serve  Him!  We  need to be a  people  of thankfulness and  gratitude.   One of the  reasons a  Christian needs to seek God’s will is  that we  live in a  “mindless society”  permeated  by Satan. We  need to make sure that we  base our  foundations  upon the Lord and His Word.

The  more  we  draw  nearer to the Lord and His Word we  will learn more  about His  will.   It  is in the  Word of God, the Bible, that  we read and learn about God’s  will for each and everyone  of us.  As  we seek God’s will He will equip us in our pilgrimage  for  Him in this  life and prepare us for an  eternity  with Him.

As  we  seek His will and   strive to live in that  will on a day to day  basis, we  will grow in the  grace and  knowledge of the Lord Jesus (2 Peter 3:18). We will also be  more equipped to help others. First of  all, we  will be  able to help them come  out of the domain of darkness and  enter the marvelous light of the  Gospel. Then we  will be able  to  help them as  they seek to grow spiritually.  We all have a  place  in taking the  Gospel to those  who are lost. (Matthew 28:18-20; Mark  16:15-16)

So, let’s seek His will, and then when we  find His will in the Word, live out  our  faith with the  help of the Holy  Spirit!

-Larry Miles, November 28, 2013


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